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CoolBlue Rock Climb & Rappel Experience


This activity will be exciting and challenging for all ages and abilities. Join us to climb up, down and across natural rock formations. Come see what it’s all about!


175 TTD




Grade 1/5

Max. # of persons:


Tour Details:

This activity is perfect for persons looking for a new challenge. It is an easy going, fun and entertaining option which aims to make you competent in the rudimentary technical skills and techniques of the sport. You will become confident in the use of specialized climbing equipment and will also be cognizant of all other safety aspects.

For the Rock Climb segment of this activity, participants will climb up, down and across natural rock formations; your goal will be to reach the summit. The Rappel segment will be the part of your climb where you need to descend the route you just climbed up.

They both require physical and mental focus as it can test your strength, agility, balance and mental control.

Before you dive into the crux of it, we start off with a power point presentation which covers the fundamentals. Following this, you will embark on a short trek to Point Gourde. Our destination is a shaded area approximately 3km/1.9mi in; this is where you will put theory into practice. The ‘wall’ you will use is essentially a cliff system made of igneous rock covered with limestone. There is also a small cave at the base so feel free to explore before we start!

Next you will don your equipment and actively participate in a briefing, before you embark on your climb. The wall is approximately 6m/19.5ft and we will be using the ‘top rope’ method. Don't worry, you will be guided every step of the way!

At the top you will be met by a member of the CoolBlue team and together, we will get you ready for the equally thrilling rappel descent.

NB: Minimum age requirement for this activity is 8 years old.

Point Gourde, Trinidad and Tobago

Price Includes:

Tour guide
Tour sweeper
Climbing/rappelling gear

Required Gear:

Trail shoes / comfortable walking shoes
Long / short sport leggings
Close fitting sport top
Nutrition & water for 3 HRS
Insect Repellent

Suggested daypack items:

Waterproof phone case/bag
Back pack with water reservoir (15 TTD rental fee)

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