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Falling Angels Tall


This action packed loop starts just before Las Cuevas. With 2 additional pitches from the Falling Angels tour - this one is sure to get you hooked!


350 TTD




Grade 3/5

Max. # of persons:


Tour Details:

Falling Angels is a short yet intense Canyoning Expedition; enough to give anyone a thrill! This tour conveniently starts a short drive up the North coast of Trinidad, just before Las Cuevas. The topography you will experience along the tour route, is nothing short of magnificent.

The expedition starts with a 3km/1.9mi approach to the breathtaking Angel Falls. Along the way, there is a chance to be entertained by the playful White Bearded Manakins. This segment challenges you with quite a steep gradient. At the end of this incline pump, you will have a rest stop at the falls, before you embark on your action packed descent!

As this segment continues, you will experience scrambling and rock hopping along the river, 5 rappels (some in excess of 25m/80ft) and who knows... perhaps even have an encounter with Crab Eating Raccoons!

If you do not have previous experience using rappelling/rock climbing gear and not familiar with the techniques used for this activity, you will be required to participate in the CoolBlue Adventures Rock Climbing/Rappelling Experience (see our listings), prior to embarking on this expedition.

Las Cuevas, Trinidad and Tobago

Price Includes:

Required Gear:

Tour guide
Tour sweeper
Climbing/rappelling gear
Life jacket (optional)

Trail shoes and/or water shoes
Long sport leggings (dry fit)
Sport top (dry fit)
Nutrition & water for 6 HRS

Suggested daypack items:

Insect repellent
Waterproof phone case/bag
Knee/Elbow/Shin guards
Back pack with water reservoir (15 TTD rental fee)

Estimated total distance:


Map of Route


Elevation Profile of Route

Estimated total elevation: 


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