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Blue Basin Long Cut


Test yourself on another CoolBlue robust urban challenge! Endulge in some spectacular views, as you rappel your way to the Blue Basin Falls; get your endurance game on tho.


250 TTD


6.5 HRS


Grade 3/5

Max. # of persons:


Tour Details:

This invigorating 23km/16mi urban loop will certainly be a test of fortitude for you and your crew!
For this one we start in Maraval along La Seiva Rd, as we make our way to the lush views offered by the Paramin Hills.


Our first stop are the top basins of the Meyah River. At this point, a soak in her first pool will be nothing short of an absolute, just reward, for conquering this segment. This now puts you in the right gear for an exciting river traverse. It will involve a few rappels enroute to the delight of the Coffin Hole and the Blue Basin Waterfall.


We now make our way toward and over Morne Coco rd. This segment will definitly be a test! We will however, eventually get some well deserves recovery time, under the canopies of the La Seiva River, as we make our way back to the start point.


The Meyah River is the source of the Blue Basin Pools. Our traverse would take us through the old Cameron Valley cocoa estate. Under her dense canopy, we will get our fill of crags, gullies and cascades.

Each of these topographic features are striking in their own right and offer ample opportunities to jump, scramble, climb and rappel.

This waterway is quite significant to Diego Martin. During the 17th century, it served as the water supply for the sugar mills and rum distilleries of the area; this included the historical Water Wheel which was used to crush the sugar cane for these industries.

After the abolition of slavery in 1834, many estates involved in the sugar industry collapsed and were eventually used as cocoa (research) estates. This accounts for the cocoa trees you will notice on the river banks as we traverse.

N.B: If you do not have previous experience using rappelling / rock climbing gear and not familiar with the techniques used for this activity, you will be required to participate in the CoolBlue Adventures Rock Climbing/Rappelling Experience (see our listings), prior to embarking on this expedition.

La Seiva Rd, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Price Includes:

Required Gear:

Tour guide
Climbing/rappelling gear
Life jacket

Trail and/or water shoes
Shorts/sport leggings (dry fit)
Close fitting sport top (dry fit)
Nutrition & water for 6 HRS

Suggested daypack items:

Insect repellent
Waterproof phone case/bag
Knee/Elbow/Shin guards
Back pack with water reservoir (15 TTD rental fee)

Estimated total distance:


Map of Route


Elevation Profile of Route

Estimated total elevation: 


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