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‘Staycationing’ T&T

What’s a Staycation?

To keep it simple, this is when you plan and take a vacation within your country or close to your home. This can be one day; an overnight trip or even weeks! With this option, there is no need for passports; visas and oh yes, the dreaded high-priced flights.

Luckily for us in sweet T&T, we have very viable interesting options, where you can venture to places you haven’t yet been or perhaps not done it the CoolBlue Adventures way!

Try it… you may be pleasantly surprised to see how much of the experience feels like an expedition deep into the unknown parts of an exotic destination, far, far, away.

The Rise in Staycations

Since 2020, with the onset on the global pandemic, a lot of industries have taken new shape. Leading the charge here is the travel industry and the activities that come along with it.

Within T&T, making international travel plans to include friends and family, has become quite challenging for more reasons than one. In the midst of the Covid-19 aftereffects, well, it remains to not even be a viable option for many.

As the economy is still in recovery mode, financing an overseas trip has become an almost impossible task. Where this is concerned, some of the big questions which have arisen not just in T&T, but around the world, are:

  • How can we now quench our desire to explore and find adventure?

  • How can we leave our homes to find this and run into a barrage of obstacles?

Well, the simple answer is… take a staycation! The travel industry has been witnessing this trend on the rise, over the last couple years.

A win, win for all

In light of the circumstances highlighted above, many businesses have had to stop operations; many people also lost their jobs. Many of our citizens who could have travelled freely before, are now in a much more challenging financial situation. The travel bug may be there, but on the flip side, money has to be saved.

Yes, you can find cheap international travel options if you look in the right places. However, when assessing the full package, i.e. flights, accommodation, travel insurance, meals and activities, it all adds up tremendously.

Opting for the staycation can effectively drastically cut these costs. For starters, your transportation costs to and from your destination will definitely be less than a flight; you are absolutely not going far!

You also won’t be needing to exchange currency or be faced with Credit Card cash advance charges. No additional costs for visas etc.

New Experiences right at Home: Staycation With CoolBlue

With CoolBlue Adventures, there are new experiences to be had, right here in T&T. All you may have to do is venture out of your comfort zone and not be skeptical to try new things. We are quite a viable resource for finding thrilling experiences near you. Visit; see if any of our listings peak your interest.

Long story short… it’s the ideal option

Don’t let recent happenings in the country and around the world leave you feeling restless, bored, and anxious.

If you’re truly excited to try something new, and not sure where to turn, then a staycation is perhaps the way to go. There are many unexplored areas in T&T; experience some of them and feel the thrill of adventure without even crossing a border!

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