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Keep fit, don't quit

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” Michael Jordan... basketball icon

The challenge in on!

When embarking on a health and fitness drive, we may deliberate on what activity to start, what equipment or gear to acquire; what gym to join; what supplements to take and, oh yes... should I get a personal trainer?

These decisions and acquisitions are the easy (but most costly) steps along this journey. The challenging bits however, are finding the physical and mental drive and commitment needed to achieve your desired results. In short, how do we keep motivated?

Often times, people embark on this journey but find it difficult to successfully complete it. When it comes to sustaining commitment levels, these challenges stem from a variety of reasons. The end result however, is you quickly lose the mental and physical stimulation needed to keep going.

Motivation is key

Constantly finding and maintaining motivation is key to overcoming your obstacles and achieving long-term success. There are a number of strategies you can explore here, with a key factor being variety. Let’s look at a couple… perhaps some of these may work for you.

Commit to a workout partner

Having a workout partner can greatly increase adherence to a workout schedule. Find someone with a similar fitness level and similar objectives. Consider similar life commitments as well as daily routines. With the right choice, this person will push you to do more than you would do on your own. They will also keep you in check. You will also do the same for them and this will also serve as a motivator.

Look for different gyms or classes

Just as you may check out different restaurants, bars or clubs, you can also try out different classes at different gyms. Keep in mind, you are simply trying to get the fitness ball rolling, or maintain your motivation, so this does not have to come with a long-term commitment to any particular gym.

The purpose is to add variety and freshness to your program and to ultimately figure out what works for you.

As you troubleshoot, you can also explore groups doing outdoor routines/circuits, perhaps in a park. These outdoor workouts have been steadily growing in popularity and many people see their way to success by joining them.

Exercise apps & You Tube videos

Quite often these apps and videos just remain as a collection which are hardly ever used. Perhaps one day a week, you and your partner can choose a video and introduce it to your workout schedule. Although some of these programmes require you to commit to a six-to-eight week schedule for optimum results, you can still just use them to introduce a relevant exercise video day to your routine; again the aim here is to add some variety.

Reduce your workout time

Time is a precious commodity for us all! As contrary as this may sound, there is a school of thought which deems maximum benefits from workouts are achieved within the first 25 – 30 minutes. Perhaps you should adopt this ideology and do the same routines, but increase the intensity.

Challenge yourself to cover the same treadmill distance in less time, or take less rest time

between sets. If bulking up is not one of your objectives, intensity can also be increased by reducing the weights, holding form, and doing your reps at a faster rate, with less rest time between sets.

Changes such as these can keep your body and mind more engaged, and hence elevate your motivation level.

Switch up the routines

A variety of exercises can target the same muscle groups. Seek different exercises for these muscle groups. Try to deviate from the same exercises, week after week after week!

If you do your cardio on one machine, try to split it up and use different machines and different exercises. Try also changing your workout times for a while. If you can, switch some evenings for mornings. Something as simple as seeing different people in the gym can make a difference. These changes are refreshing for your body, and more importantly, your mind.

A Dynamic Hobby

Invest some time in a dynamic activity and allocate at least one day a week or even one day/month to participate in it. Activities such as Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing and Hiking (to name a few) can give you a full body workout plus you get the added stimulation of the great outdoors. See our activity listings on for some exciting options

Bribe yourself

Give yourself something to look forward to if you have a successful workout week. This can include a ‘cheat’ day in your diet plan; a deep tissue massage or even a hairdresser’s appointment.

Good luck!

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