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Get your Adventure Fix!

From our experiences at CoolBlue Adventures, there is always something special when we venture ‘off the beaten track’. We feel it ourselves as well as in the energy of those around us… I guess this is what is referred to as ‘food for the soul’!

Be it a simple hike into T&Ts spectacular Northern Range or rappelling 100ft waterfalls, ‘adventure time’ is always liberating, in that it energizes your physical, mental and emotional disposition. This undoubtedly impacts positively on your overall well-being as you go about your daily routines; well... until your next fix that is!

Let’s look at some of the ways an ‘Adventure Fix’ can benefit you…

Exercise is now more Palatable

Some of us have difficulty finding the motivation to get our fitness rhythm. Adventure activities makes this easier. Research in the field indicates that just being in an outdoor environment and being surrounded by trees, general ‘greenery’ and other facets of nature, makes exercise feel a lot easier. Not to mention the fact, that once you start a trek, you typically must push through and finish it.

One such study had participants exercise in front green, red and grey backdrops. Those surrounded by green, were deemed to exhibit lower exertion levels as well as better moods.

So, if you are having challenges with your fitness drive, book an adventure today and get that ball rolling.

Stress Reduction

We also notice smiles all round after an adventure tour, even on the grueling ones! For those moments, the stresses of life seem to dissipate subsequent to a traverse through amazing topography. Gregory Bratman (Director, Environment and Well-Being Lab – University of Washington), has concluded studies showing that 'nature experiences’ can decrease patterns of thinking associated with the onset of high stress levels and depression.

If urban life is taking its toll on you, plunge into an adventure… surround yourself with nature.

Revitalize yourself

Adventuring can positively boost your mental state.

Just interacting and viewing the natural beauty of the outdoors can stimulate feelings of awe. These in turn, can release endorphins which trigger a more positive mental state.

Research in this field has concluded that humans are instinctively drawn and attracted to things which can help us survive. This is yet another reason why trees and other elements of nature can uplift our mental state.

A Sense of Accomplishment

Adventure tours will inevitably have varying difficulty ratings. Irrespective of your age, physical and technical aptitude, there is always an option for each and every one of us. Conquering an adventure which suits you, will no doubt foster a feeling of accomplishment. The greater the challenge, the greater this feeling will be!

Be it Mt. Everest or an introductory walk around Chaguaramas (Trinidad), any adventure which accomplishes a personal goal, can give you that elated sensation which will remain with you for quite some time, perhaps even forever.


Related to this sense of accomplishment, is the increased self-awareness found through adventure tours. You become more tuned in to your ‘inner self’, especially if you take on challenges you didn't think you were capable of doing.

Stepping into the unknown and taking a ‘risk’ during your adventure of choice, sometimes requires your undivided focus and attention; this in itself can be the onset of achieving a deep-rooted state of self-awareness.

Going through such an experience can promote self-reflection and a more relaxed mid set, not to mention a boost in self-confidence.

Get Smarter

Medical research has shown that adventure activities contribute to increased activity in our Hippocampus – this is essentially where the brain gets its ‘storage capacity’.

As we get older, our Hippocampus decreases; this leads to memory loss. The adventure plunge can provoke a chemical reaction in the body which in turn increases the Hippocampus and hence a sharper mind.


Healthy and long-term friendships can be forged on adventure tours. The very nature of some of these activities and some of the challenges faced together, can bring you quite close to persons you just met and even closer to your existing friends (if they dare join you).

Reliving the immediate experience through video highlights, even the mishaps, can also be a refreshing bonding experience.

New Skills

Some adventure tours may require you to learn new technical skills before you test your physical and mental fortitude. This newly acquired skill set, can influence the type of family holidays you will now choose. Your skill remains with you for a lifetime; you may even want to develop it and encourage others to do the same.

Making a Difference

Sometimes, just being in remote locations and supporting some of the local business can go a long way to help preserve nature. With increased business and visitors, rural communities would be more inclined to preserve the environment, as opposed to engaging in non-environmentally friendly activities such as over hunting and littering. In a lot of cases, local environmental preservation groups are born out of such scenarios.

CoolBlue Adventures offers varying degrees of adventre tours. For options, please visit

Tian Watson

CoolBlue Adventures

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