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Paria Bay & Waterfall

The Cathedral

This is Trinidad's north coast timeless classic and should be on everyone's to do list. Its rainforest trek has bountiful spectacular views, with a waterfall basin plunge giving the ultimate reward!


100 TTD +




Grade 3/5

Max. # of persons:


Tour Details:

This popular getaway for Trini's and foreigners alike, can very likely be heard in conversation amongst hikers over generations. Despite this, many of us still have not made the trek...

Getting to this glorious bay is not as far as you may think. From the Blanchisseuse Spring Bridge, it's just 5.5km/3.4mi; if you fancy knocking off a couple km/miles, you can always start further in. The trek takes you through undulating rainforest terrain, with a couple challenging gradients; just move at a moderate pace and all will be fine!

Along the way you will be treated with spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea. One of the more favored ones being 'Turtle Rock', a small peninsula rock formation which resembles the head of a turtle. Making a detour to the head, you can quite often view Green Turtles swimming in the bay; a perfect compliment to the name. Some hikers even brave the jump!

On Paria Bay touchdown, you will be rewarded with a pristine stretch of coastline that spans just about 1.5km/1mi. You will also get the ultimate photo op at the 'Paria Arch' also known as Cathedral Rock. During turtle season it is not unusual to encounter hatchlings and nesting turtles on this bay.

From mid bay, the Paria Waterfall is just over 1km/0.6mi away. It boasts a powerful cascade of about 30m/98ft which lands in a large, crystal clear, deep plunge pool. Some of the more ambitious swim against the flow to get under and behind the falls. If it's not gushing too heavily, you may sneak a quick back massage on the fringes; either way, taking a dip is well worth it.

Paria Waterfall Rappel option: 75 TTD additional cost (includes all required gear and guide)

Blanchisseuse Bay, Trinidad and Tobago

Price Includes:

Required Gear:

Tour guide
Tour sweeper

Trail shoes
Shorts/sport leggings (dry fit)
Sport top (dry fit)
Nutrition & water for 7 HRS

Suggested daypack items:

Insect repellent
Waterproof phone case/bag
Back pack with water reservoir (15 TTD rental fee)
Swimming Gear
Life Jacket
Snorkel Gear

Estimated total distance:


Map of Route

Paria Bay & Waterfall

Elevation Profile of Route

Estimated total elevation:


Paria Bay & Waterfall
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