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Guanapo Gorges

CBK outing

Nestled in the heights of Guanapo, this is an unassuming world class exploration. Her topography is absolutely mind blowing; no pic can do her justice. Come see for yourself!


150 TTD




Grade 2/5

Max. # of persons:


Tour Details:

Your journey starts with a very scenic 6km/4mi jeep rd. drive in the Heights of Guanapo Rd. The actual gorges are well tucked away in a valley, with Lalaja to the north and Guanapo to the south. The accompanying water comes El Cerro Del Aripo, T&Ts highest peak.

During the dry season, with all the quarrying taking place in that area, be prepared for a dusty ride to your start point!


The approach to the Gorges starts on a wide open trail just after the first quarry. This segment is essentially a gradual incline into an eventual gradual descent. On this trail you will definitely hear the vocals of a variety of forest birds. Our team has had a Porcupine sighting on this segment; hopefully luck will also be on your side!


You will definitely be stomped in your tracks when you see the start of the Gorge traverse. From here your journey takes you through an absolute marvel of nature.

The topography is essentially a magnificant v-shaped gorge reaching approximately 30m/100ft high in some sections and perhaps in excess of a kilometer /0.6mi in length. This feature is thousands of years old and deemed to be a result of the water's kinetic energy causing lateral river erosion. A lot of these rock faces have a colorful, polished look.

This segment of wading through the gorges and swimming across its pools could take up to 40 minutes.
From here you will follow the winding river back to your start point.

N.B. : If Booking this activity, it is best to do so in the Dry Season as this water way has been know to go from very calm to very turbulent in a matter of minutes during the rains of our Rainy Season.

Guanapo, Trinidad and Tobago

Price Includes:

Required Gear:

Tour Guide
Tour Sweeper (based on participant level)
Transfers from lower Heights of Guanapo Rd. to trail head (if required)

Trail and/or water shoes
Shorts/sport leggings (dry fit)
Sport top (dry fit)
Nutrition & water for 5 HRS

Suggested daypack items:

Insect repellent
Waterproof phone case/bag
Back pack with water reservoir (15 TTD rental fee)
Swimming Gear
Life Jacket

Estimated total distance:


Map of Route

Guanapo Gorges

Elevation Profile of Route

Estimated total elevation:


Guanapo Gorges
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